Cooperative partner

Our company has completed the layout in 27 cities and overseas markets, and gradually established four important strategic deployment regions: the Yangtze river delta region with Hangzhou and Shanghai as the core, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region with Beijing as the core, the west triangle region with Chengdu and Chongqing as the core, and the pearl river delta region.Taizhou Amateur sports development co., LTD., located in No.1 Yaocheng Avenue, Taizhou. It’s a professional company which engages in sports and health equipment’s sales, installation and service (including fitness equipment, massage equipment, sporting equipment, outdoor fitness equipment, school equipment),and distributes many domestic and foreign brands such as Qiaoshan, Aikang, Injido, Ino, Zhenglun, Yangrui, Weita, Sanfei, Huixiang, Zhengxing, Li Banquet, Kangbaifu, Qisheng, Red Flag.The company takes "integrity, profession, quality, service" as its core values, combines the development trend of health industry, and aims at the multi-level needs of social fitness institutions, in line with the new concept of safety, profession, science and interesting fitness, provides the best overall solution for every sports-loving customer.Keep breathing keep sporting AMT sports give you a better life